The Isle of Wight - the world's most haunted island

The Isle of Wight - the world's most haunted islandThe Isle of Wight - the world's most haunted island

 Isle of Wight- The world's most haunted island

Many thousands of ghosts, spirits, poltergeists and apparitions haunt the Isle of Wight - which is acknowleged as the world's most haunted island. This incredible supernatural activity seems due in part to the powerful unseen energy or 'ley' lines running under this British island, situated only 70 miles from London, which now attracts thousands of ghost-hunters from all over the world.

This diamond shaped island off England's south coast, a covering just 147 square miles, has some 130,000 'living' residents who share their home with hundreds of ghosts.

By day the Isle of Wight is renowned for sunshine, spectacular countryside, beaches and great choice of sporting and leisure activities, making it a popular holiday destination for visitors of all nationalities.romans

Known as Vectis by the Romans who built villas here, the Isle of Wight has a wealth of historic houses, ancient churches and castles. Queen Victoria made her home at Osborne House; King Charles I was imprisoned at Carisbrooke Castle, and writers including Keats, Dickens, Tennyson and Longfellow stayed here.

The Island has some of the best fossils and dinosaur remains in Europe, together with Neolithic and Bronze Age remains. It boasts historic forts, mills, manor houses, thatched cottages, picturesque pubs and even a steam railway.

For lovers of the outdoor life there are 800 kilometres of public paths and cycle trails and it's perfect for walking, windsurfing, fishing, mountain biking, hang gliding and golf. However the Island is best known for sailing, and Cowes, the world's premier yachting venue hosts many international regattas and events. Music fans also know the Isle of Wight for its world-famous pop festivals.

This magical island has a dark side. Ghosts and spirits abound and the Isle of Wight has a supernatural energy that's particularly evident in some very haunted hotspots. Strong energy or 'ley lines' running under the Island may be responsible for charging the earth's electro-magnetic vibrational field here, so increasing the psychic potential for ghost sightings.

This small island is home to a gallery of ghosts and spooky happenings. It has everything - from phantom monks, grey ladies and poltergeists - to the spirits of smugglers, soldiers, Royalty, Romans and ghostly murderers, not forgetting the ghost-ships and ghost-trains, which are seen.

Hundreds of restless spirits haunt hotels, hospitals, castles, manor houses, inns, shops and offices, while the spirits of smugglers and shipwrecked seamen walk the lonely beaches.

Undead soldiers haunt old fortresses; there's a haunted police station, courthouse, lighthouse, library and council offices, and one phantom convict is still serving an 'afterlife' sentence in notorious Parkhurst Prison.
haunted Arreton Manor
For thirty-one years, internationally-known paranormal author Gay Baldwin has been researching and recording true ghost stories since 1977 when her first book, The Original Ghosts of the Isle of Wight was published. This book has been so successful that over 100,000 copies have been sold worldwide to date. Following the huge success of this book, so many more stories emerged from Ghost Island that she was able to research and write a further six books  with the following titles: More Ghosts, Ghosts of the Isle of Wight III, Isle of Wight Ghosts book four, Ghost Island,  Most Haunted Island and Even More Ghosts. Gay has also researched and produced a handy map and details of where to find haunted places called The Ghost Hunter's Guide. The companion ghost DVD featuring actual haunted places, stories and interviews with people who have seen and experienced some of the ghosts is also a top seller.

Gay, who has helped with local research for Living TV's Most Haunted series, and advised on several other supernatural television and radio programmes, is recognised as one of the leading paranormal researchers in the UK. As an officer of the Ghost Club Society and member of the Society for Psychical Research, she has investigated and researched many hundreds of ghost sightings and reports of hauntings.

If you can't visit Ghost Island in person, you can still discover the many haunted places and some of the haunting TRUE ghost stories, by buying the extensively researched books, e-books, audiobooks and DVD, which are full of real, and sometimes scary ghost stories. Take time to browse the book shop and then place your orders for speedy delivery so you can experience the strange and haunting atmosphere of Ghost Island for yourself.


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