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Ghost car at Parkhurst?

One day we were driving towards Cowes and we were going up Horsebridge Hill, approaching Island Computers premises, when a green and wthite sports car came towards us. As you would expect, we both looked at the car, only to see there was no driver.  Andy, my stepdad,  looked at me and asked "did the driver of that car have a face?" I replied, "there wasn't a driver!" This was really weird. I could see the seats were empty. It was very unnerving.

Another account of what sounds like the same vehicfle was sent in by 'Dave'. He writes, "Yesterday I was just outside the HM Prison car park when a sports car came past. I looked at the car and there was a driver who seemed, at first to have no face, then, as I looked closer, the man disappered. I was so shaken that I had to pull over in the bus stop. I looked at my baby, who was sitting in the rear seat and she was white as a piece of plain paper. I'll never forget that."

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