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Ghost walking at Whippingham

My wife, Lucy, was walking our dog last week and went from our home in East Cowes, along the main road to Whippingham and turned right into Beatrice Avenue. There are some large houses set back from the road at the start of the road and then it becomes a country lane as you go towards St. Mildred's church. Either side of the road there are hedgerows with no turnings. My wife was looking ahead and on the other side of the road to her, someone was walking in the same direction as she was. They wore grey trousers and had a satchel type bag around their neck, but she was not close enough to tell if they were male or female. It is unusual to see anyone walking along this road and our dog pricked her ears up in the way that Golden Retrievers do when they are curious. She was approx 80 feet behind the figure which appeared solid and real. It had on a satchel type of bag slung from the left shoulder and sat on the right hip. As she was a little way behind she could hear nothing but our dog pricked her ears forward in the 'what's that' way. She followed the figure for about 1 minute and just before the left bend the figure started to fade and disappear. The person slowly started to fade and disappear the way that a ship would if it was going into a mist, except that the day was very bright and sunny.. The hedgerows are solid along the lane with no turnings they could have gone into. This happened on a bright sunny morning with no trace of mist at about 9.40 am.  Needless to say my wife phoned me up very excited, but not able to explain the reason for this to happen out of the blue... as it had never happened before and has not happened since.
Yours slightly puzzled, Tony.

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