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The 'dark shimmering shape' at Newport Golf Club

While we were walking up past Newport golf course, near the stile that leads to  the golf course, my mum and I saw a man's black shadow going towards to the golf course. He was a dark black shadow,  and it looked as if he was walking in slow motion. While he was walking he had something around him. The only way I can describe it was like a heat shimmer around the outside and inside body that moved with him.

The next story is my own story. When I was about 10 years old, I woke up in the night to go to the toilet. As I was about to get up from my bed I felt 'something' sit on it. At first I thought it was my cat, but then I looked up and saw a little girl about 8 years old. By the looks of it she wore a white dress that looked Victorian. She had shoulder lengh hair that was curly, her legs looked solid, but her body looked wispy and it was wavering. I was too frightend to move, so then I covered my face over with my duvet, then after a while I felt her lift off the bed. Then I looked back up and she had gone.

My brother's story..... when he was 11 he was at Newport chalk pit with his mates. They dared him to look in the cave in his own and went back up to the road without him.  A few minutes later my brother came running after them crying. When they asked him what was a matter, he said he had seen a man dressed in a duffle coat with a cap. The man turned around to my brother and said 'Get out'.  What had frightend my brother is that the man didnt have any facial features,  just dents where his eyes should have been.

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