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Running Ghost at Ventnor Botanic Gardens

Roughly nine years ago I was with a group of eight other people, it was Friday night and we were round the town of Ventnor. Someone said, "Let's go to the Ventnor Botanic Gardens for a laugh." So we did and we sat in the New Zealand shelter talking.
I decided to go off with one of the girls to look around...We went down to the other end of the gardens to another shelter with lawns in front of it. By this time it must have been around 2am, it was cold and nearly pitch black.
Amongst the silence we heard the sound of heavy running footsteps on the grass right in front of someone sprinting...and then stopping fast. We both froze and I called out the others' names...But no-one answered.
I grabbed the girl's arm and we ran like the wind back to the New Zealand shelter where all the others were still sitting. We thought it was one of them playing a prank but how could it have been if they were all there?
And now I know all about the old haunted hospital which once stood there...I know it was an athletic ghost!

Nick Pullan

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