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Hospital haunting

"I work in an Isle of Wight hospital and this particular week I was doing a stint of nights. ...." writes Lynn Jennings.
"The ward I usually work on was closed for a short period of time due to repairs to the floors so all the patients and staff were seconded over to a different ward. Anyway at about 4am another nurse and myself needed to go to the closed (completely deserted) ward to get the holiday request book out of the sister's office, so off we duly set, chatting to each other.
The ward was locked in complete darkness; all the beds in the 4 bays (it's a big ward) were stripped and pushed into the middle of the bay for cleaning. Anyway, we got to the sister's office and were both leaning over the desk looking at the book when all of a sudden we heard LOUD rattling, my workmate's face just lost all colour and she said ....did you hear that?"
I nodded, absolutely terrified and unable to speak (truly!) what we had heard was the metal bed heads rattling with such force, we knew there was no-one on the ward as it was locked and we locked it behind us. We shut the door in the office where we were, too frightened to move, I literally stood there with my fingers in my ears 'la la la la'ing!' so it would block out the horrible noise! It subsided every few seconds then went on even louder and for longer bursts. We stood in that office for longer than I care to remember getting more scared by the second, my workmate just looking blank with shock!
I told my workmate that we should just run for it, so we both took flight after flinging the door open and ran pretty damn fast down the long expanse of the ward corridor past the 4 bays which have glass windows and were in complete darkness, needless to sayI didnt DARE look as I flew by. I am ashamed to say I left my workmate standing as I ran (I didn't realise I could run so fast) and once off the ward we went straight to main reception to tell security where about 15 mins later myself, my workmate, a security guard and 2 porters (who thought the whole thing was hilarious) made our way back up to the ward to investigate.
Our hearts were in our mouths as we crept through the ward, bays and all, not a sound was heard, there were no windows open - nothing; the porters still laughing at us when just as we were approaching the exit door it happened again but not so violently this time, the porters got through those 2 doors quicker than we did after that.
The security guard, bless him, went back in and mooched around but couldn't find a thing, he rattled on one of the metal bed heads to check to see if it was what we had heard.... it was.
Once back on the other ward, over the next few days little snippets began to filter through, that we weren't the only staff members to hear it, though not so violently as what we heard, apparently. I have since done nights on the aforementioned ward, with not a hint of noise, but I will never ever scoff at the ghost tales that often get told on a night shift because I know what I heard that night and I was genuinely terrified.

Previously I used to work in a Nursing Home here, and there were a few 'spooky moments' we used to call them....One night there were two of us in the day room sitting opposite each other, just sitting chatting quietly when suddenly out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a black figure whiz past the door. I didn't say anything to my colleague, but she went white, gripped the sides of her chair and said,  "Did you see that.....that black thing?"
Now I hadn't even mentioned that I thought I had seen something. I had just carried on with the conversation, but for the rest of the night we went round in pairs to do our checks on the residents.
A couple of weeks later I was working with a bank nurse. We had worked together on many an occasion and she certainly wasn't one for 'fairy' stories. Well this particular night I could see her looking at the door - looking a little white I might add. I asked her what was wrong but she wouldn't tell me. It was ages afterwards she revealed she had saw a black figure crawling on its hands and knees past the door, at first she thought it was a dog, but when she realised I couldn't see it she knew it was something a little 'unusual'!
A lot of of our residents used to ring the bell and ask why we had let the grey cat into the building, I was actually walking down the corridor one morning when my workmates actually tripped up and she started to laugh as she told me she had tripped over a big grey cat darting out of one of the residents rooms!!!

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