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Old Gate Pillars at Knighton Gorges


I moved to the Island from Kent in April 2003, having a lot of family ties on the Island. During the summer of 2003 I was out on a fine summer afternoon drive with a friend, on our way back from Newport. My friend directed me to Knighton Gorges and told me the brief history of the place, having read about it in the ghost books. Being an Island resident for many years, he was aware of the history of Knighton Gorges and through reading the books. As we drove down the dark road towards Newchurch from the Downs, I sensed that it was a very eerie place. The road was flanked and covered overhead by deep leafy trees, blocking out the bright summer sunshine. Goose bumps appeared on my arms. My friend told me to tell him what I saw as we drove past the driveway and the old stone gateposts. As I continued to drive down the darkened road, I looked quickly to my left and continued to drive towards Newchurch, telling my friend that I saw two old stone posts with animal type gargoyles on the top of the stone posts. My friend looked at me with complete shock and asked me to repeat what I'd seen, and was I absolutely sure of what I'd seen? Slightly unnerved, I repeated what I'd seen to my friend. He told me to stop the car and reverse back up the road to stop outside the entrance to Knighton Gorges, and to tell him what I saw. When I stopped outside the driveway and looked up at the old stone gateposts I saw no animal type gargoyle creatures resting upon the top of each gate post. It was at this moment my friend told me that people have often seen these creatures resting on top of the stone gateposts, and that they were removed many years ago. When we got back to my friend's house, we made ourselves a coffee, and he produced the book, which contains the story of Knighton Gorges and the stone gateposts. I shuddered whilst reading with interest of the details. Whether people expect to see gargoyles or a stone type creature on top of such stone gate posts, I don't know - but I do know what I saw that day, and what I saw was as vivid to me as the grass is green, and I shall never forget that day in the summer of 2003.     From Russell Chantler Pillars at Knighton Gorges

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