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Scary school trip

When I went to the Isle of Wight for a school trip, I went to a place called KINGSWOOD. I was asleep on the frist day when  the bin in the room started moving on its own! Me and my room mate were creeped out and  scared.  The second night my friend showed me scratches on his neck and he didn't know how they had got there. The teachers did believe us.  I got the names Michael and Gary. I don't know why but I believe that's the names of whoever was haunting the place. I couldn't really think of what happend but it was very scary. My room mate had a camera and he showed me the picture and it had a white mist. On the wall it had lots of writing on and it said get out and 666 in red, we thought it was blood. We were relieved to leave. This is true and I was 11 when this happend.

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