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Ghostly coach and horses at Quarr

When I was 16 , I was riding my motorbike back to Ryde from work in Cowes. It was about 0230 in the early hours of the morning in September. As I rounded the corner, heading past Quarr Abbey, I saw a pale white light moving up the drive (this was before the trees where on the corner). I thought it was a car leaving the Abbey, however it was gaining speed and didn't look like it would stop for the junction.
I slowed to a stop just in front of the junction as this light came level. It passed in front of me. As it crossed I could see clearly it was a coach and horses! I could see the horses with all the straps, the coachman with the reins and the coach itself. I couldn't see any passengers . It crossed in front and headed into the woods opposite and disappeared. I then hit the accelerator and went home. I have never seen it again.

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