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Haunted flat in Shanklin

My experience with ghosts started back in 1998 which was when i moved into a flat in Shanklin. I had been living there for at least 6 months when strange things started happening. The girl that had lived below me in one the other flats had visited me and had asked me if i had experienced any strange happenings in my flat? I told her that nothing had happened and was puzzled about what she asked me. She informed me that she was having some kind of paranormal acctivities in the flat and was getting really scared. About a week after this i started to experience very strange things which i couldn't find an answer for. On the very first night it happened i was woken up in the early hours by the bed slightly moving and a piercing animal cry coming from the side of my bed. I felt such a presence all around me that I cannot describe. The hair on the back of my neck was standing on edge. I was unable to move for what felt like hours. Over the next few days i would experience more and more, the toilet would flush itself, lights would turn on and off, pictures would fly off the walls and there was always the smell of animals in the flat - in which we had no animals. On several occasions people could be heard running up and down the stairs and the sound of children laughing. It all came to a head when one evening my friend was staying over and we heard the sound of someone knocking on the in side of a walk in cupboard which was in the lounge. With that we got my children and all that we needed out of the flat that night! I only returned to collect the last of my belongings. In the two years we were there i had the property blessed three times in which after only a few weeks the occurrences would appear again. I was told that there was a number of presences within the flats which had all started when some renovation work was being done in the basement just before i had moved in. Recently i was told that a friend of mine had occupied the flat and that she had also moved out due to the same things happening to her. The flat is up for rent at the moment and has been so for some time now.

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