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The 'Clown' ghost in Lake

When I was 2 we moved to a semi-detached house in Denness Road, Lake. We were very happy there in spite of the fact that my Dad was terminally ill and would die by the time that I was 5. The house had a very happy atmosphere about it and I have always been able to sense such things when entering a house. The elderly couple who lived next door in the attached house had been very apprehensive when they heard that a young child was going to come to live there. When we left when I was 14 they cried! We got on extremely well and they were like Grandparents to me. They told me about the old lady who had lived in our house and what a shame it was that she had never married and had children as she loved them and so did her Brother who visited her occasionally. They often used to hear laughter through the wall when her Brother was visiting, he was a very funny man. After my Dad had died my Mum spent nearly a year trying to recover from Dad's death. I had just started school but I tried my best to look after her walking down the steps from Denness Path into Lake shopping centre where I collected Mum's Widow's Pension and Allowances each week from Mr. Warder at the Post Office. I then crossed at the crossing and went to Mr. Harris the Grocer with a list. The staff and Mr. Harris got the order together for me and gave me change then saw me across the road. I had just started school but I still managed to do the shopping. This went on for nearly a year until Mum had recovered enough to take up the reins again. I fear nowadays that I would be taken into care. Mum and I needed each other. During this time I never felt lonely, I still spoke to my Dad and I always felt an affinity with the former owner of the house and her Brother. I think that I was about 7 and I was cleaning the downstairs toilet which had a door leading into the kitchen and another into the garden. As I was not using the toilet I had not locked either door. We always left them unlocked during the day and only locked the outer one at night and when we were using the toilet and the inside one only if we were using the toilet. Suddenly the door from the garden opened and there was a clown dressed in a check suit with a red nose and clown's make-up. He said that I was a good girl helping my Mum and how pleased he had been to see that we were happy most of the time. He told me that it would get easier and that I needed to laugh sometimes, it was not wrong and as my Dad had been such a funny man he would love to see us being happy. The clown shut the door and disappeared. I did not tell Mum because I did not want to scare her. I had not been scared of the Clown but I knew that Mum wanted me to be as comfortable as possible and that she might fear that I was making light of it in order to cover up any fear. I felt that it was a message from my Dad that we were doing ok. I thought that the Clown was a ghost who had been watching over all of us for sometime. He may even have met my Dad in Heaven and he had asked him to visit and tell me that I was doing ok and that he was proud of me. I had felt a bit confused being so young and caring for my Mum. I spoke to our beloved neighbour, Daddy Dorsman (as I called him!) He said very calmly that it had probably been the Brother of the neighbour who had been a clown and had died some years before. I believe that he died at the house. I do not know if any later occupants of 10 Denness Road have ever met "The Clown". I hope that like me they felt calm and relaxed if they did.

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