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Haunted Pavilion Cottage at Osborne House

We have visited the Island many many times and it is a firm favourite with both my husband and I, as well as our three children. Imagine our excitement when we managed to book a week's holiday at Pavilion Cottage on the Osborne House estate last Spring. Like the island, we had visited Osborne House many times, including laser and last night of the proms concerts. We were thrilled at the thought of having the use of the private beach and the grounds outside normal public visiting hours.
However, once the sun went down in the chilly Spring evenings, the cottage took on a different persona. Due to work commitments my husband could not stay the whole week so I was left there alone with my three children, two fifteen-year-olds (twins) and a six-year old. One evening we were sitting having tea and heard a very faint sound of music. On opening the front door it became apparent that the music was from a single instrument - that being bagpipes. It was very faint and the sound was "in the wind" and lasted no longer than around 25 seconds.
We decided to take an early everning stroll but heard no more music. We even asked one of the security staff if the house and grounds were haunted but he said it could have been the local band's practice night in the hall over the back of the grounds. This we thought strange as you would not normally get bagpipes in a band and the sound was not heard any more throughout our stay. Could this have been the ghost of John Brown, the Queen's favourite servant and an avid bagpipe performer! Another feeling we experienced whilst out on an everning walk in the grounds was that of being watched from an upstairs window. Both myself and my eldest daughter felt as though we were being watched from one of the upstairs windows at the back of the house overlooking the Italian garden by a young woman dressed in a black gown - but not the Queen. My son also seems to think he heard low talking men's voices in the sitting room at the Pavilion which could not be explained. Do any of these experiences match anyone else's? Hoping to buy Even More Ghosts - book 7 very soon and read all about Osborne's Secrets!                 Claire Edge

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