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Ghosts at Brading

When I was 7 we moved to Brading, I met my best friend when i was about 8 and her house was like a second home over the years, When I was in my early teens I spent a lot of time at my best friends house, she had three younger siblings, two brunette sisters and a blonde brother and a elder brunette sister a year older than her. One Evening (like any other) it was getting late, so I decided it was time for bed. The younger children had been put to bed hours before hand and her parents were downstairs watching TV. I went into the bathroom to get a wash and brush my teeth. As I was cleaning my face I heard a floor board creak, looking up expecting to see one of my friends younger siblings i was presented with a bare footed young long haired blonde girl in a long white nightdress, her hair was wavy as if it has been plated and she gave me a cheeky grin before she went into the hall way creaking the floor once again. I knew what I had seen wasn't a /live/ child but didn't feel scared but was still shocked. I continued with my wash, on my way out of the bathroom I placed my foot where I had seen the girl, and it creaked as my foot landed on the same spot. I went to bed not mentioning what I had seen.(In fear of looking crazy!) Only Earlier this year did i mention this to my friends mum when she said she was lying in bed one morning then she sawa blonde haired blur run past her door, assuming it was her son 15seconds later out runs her son after the 1st blonde child! Years later I took a Job at the Local pub ( the bugle) after working there a few years i got to know the locals. I met my partner and he was the only person I had told about the girl in the hallway, A few years later a new family moved in and we got chatting, I was even more pleased to find out they had moved into my friends old house. The Man and his wife's children were getting tired so she took them home but the Man remained in the pub, my partner and I got talking to him over a game of pool after my shift finished and for some reason in my gut I asked ' have you noticed anything out of the ordinary with the house?' he questioned 'like what? 'and i asked if anything paranormal has happened since they had moved in ... expecting to be called a loon he looked at me paused and said... all my children are red headed like me and my wife, yet my wife was convinced she saw a blonde haired girl on the landing with plated hair on the landing in a long white night dress. I was relived I wasn't mad and that his wife has the validation too! Best of all It convinced my other half! The girl was a nice ghost and I didn't feel threatened in any way.. I can not say the same for the Bugle Inn's ghosts..

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