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Red Mist at Knighton Gorges

These pics were taken at Knighton Gorges in August 2012, note the red mist behind the girls in the centre, and the large orb in the other picture,when zoomed in on my Nikon camera it shows a hazy mist with two solid circles around it, any comments please? We had a lovely 2 weeks on the island in August and went on one of the ghost walks with Marc Tuckey. These gates were mentioned several times hence our visit, my husband took the picture in which the orb appeared ,he did in fact take 5 shots in quick succession that are identical except for the large orb. It is facinating when you see it zoomed on the camera screen, the detail is amazing . Regarding the red mist, it runs down from the girls heads (my daughters) and goes down Olivia's shoulder and leg I have to add that Kaycee our grand- daughter (pictured being held) shook unconrollably and buried her head into my chest (see pic), when we returned to the car she was fine (it was a very warm and pleasant evening). My husband (who is as sceptical as it comes) said that his left side was freezing cold and for a moment he thought he was going to be taken ill (we have laughed since but he said he thought he was suffering  a stroke) he really was shaken up and i think this has changed his opinion regarding the paranormal.

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