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Orbs at Knighton Gorges

When my partner, Sharon, and, along with our two young children and Sharon's brother, visited the Isle of Wight in August 2001, we spent a lively relaxing week, staying at Rookley Park, near Godshill. On a previous visit the year before, I had bought one of the Ghost Island books, and so I was greatly interested, being a 'believer', and I was particularly taken by the story of the old manor house, at Knighton Gorges.

On 28 August, it was a hot summer's evening, and so I persuaded Sharon, Dave and the kids to come on a search for Knighton Gorges. We drove from where Rookley and, following the map to Newchurch, it soon became clear that we were near by, but spent ages trying to find the site itself, although we did see several tantalising place-names, such as Knighton Farm.

After half an hour or so of driving around, we were just about to give up and go home, when we turned a corner, and there in front of us, were the old gateposts of the manor house of Knighton Gorges.

The kids were bored, and Sharon was unimpressed, but I really wanted a picture of us standing in the entrance. We got out of the car and stood in the gateway while Dave took our picture. At this point Sharon became very uneasy, and said she wanted to go. She felt very cold and showed me the very pronounced goosebumps on her arms, although the evening was very hot. She didn't calm down until we got in the car and drove back. I have to say that she was a sceptic before, and not prone to flights of fancy. I, on the other hand, really do believe, but was very disappointed to feel nothing untoward!

After all that, when we got home and got our photos developed, there were a couple of 'light balls' around the pillars. Were these the well-known orbs'?


Jamie White, Nottingham


Car Trouble at Knighton Gorges


I brought all the Isle of Wight ghost books in 2002, when I went back to the Island for a holiday. I was reading about Knighton Gorges one day in the car on the way back from Alum Bay and I told my partner 'let's go see it'. Well I never thought much about it, but when we went to leave, at first the car wouldn't start, and then, when it did, the CD player in the car just started skipping till we were nearly in Sandown, whereupon it returned to normal. THAT CD PLAYER WAS BRAND NEW, AND, I MIGHT ADD IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED AGAIN...Sadly none of my photos or video footage showed any orbs, but I can't wait to go back, maybe this year, but this time at night!!


Julie Woolmer

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