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Did this ghost keep a little girl alive?

I've lived on the Island all my life. I'm now 25 and a single mother of one child of 3 yrs. When I was his age I lived in a really old house on Alpine Road in Ventnor. I was very ill as a child and I suffered from asthma and was allergic to everything!  The doctors said that I wouldn't make it past the age of 5 .... and that's when the tall man came to me. My mum heard me scream and when she ran into the bedroom, I was sitting bolt upright and as pale as a sheet. All I could say was " the man, the man".
Well in the following months I began to get healthier and I had grown to be quite close to this spirit. I remember his shadow behind the french window looking at me. It was nearly my 5th birthday and my auntie came round to vist me. She is very sensitive to spirits and she saw the man in my garden waving to me. Then he disappeared. I haven't seen him since. I'm not sure who he was, but if I had to call him anything it would be 'hero'. I think he saved my life.

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