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Ghost hunters at old Whitecroft

Me and my friends thought we would go ghost hunting around the Island's haunted hot spots in two cars. We thought we would take a trip up to Whitecroft Hospital. As we pulled up we parked facing the Old Clock Tower and also a part of the hospital that had been boarded up on the left, this was around 11:30 pm so as you can imagine it was pretty dark. We turned off both of the car engines and sat there in the silence. After about 10 minutes of not a lot happening I was beginning to get a little bored. As I sat staring at the Clock Tower when all of a sudden from one of the glass windows I saw it light up. It wasn't much of a glow, just a bright white light, and it lit up just one of the windows. This time of the year Whitecroft had been abandoned and they were still deciding what to do with it. I thought I might of been seeing things until my friend who was sat behind me pointed it out as well... After about 5 minutes of us all staring at it, it vanished. Whitecroft definitely left us all wondering..

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