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Old St Lawrence Church

We recently visited the Island and decided to take a look at St Lawrence Church (the old one), as we found out a couple of month's ago that a friend of my partner Allan had got married there, and having looked at it on line decided it would be worth a visit. The village of St Lawrence, as are many on the Island, was picturesque and the Church from the road looked amazing. However, once I had walked into the churchyard I started feeling what can only be described as odd. I felt very uncomfortable, ill at ease and agitated. I also felt 'unwanted', which was a very bizarre feeling to have! When my partner came into the churchyard, having been on the outside taking photos, he commented that I looked and was behaving oddly. I had intended to try and get a look inside but felt so agitated and strange I felt I had to leave immediately and get as far away as possible as quickly as I could. I have never felt like this in a churchyard or church before, and in fact love the peace and solitude they offer. I just wondered if I am the only person to have felt this or whether these feelings have been experienced before, or if there are any ghosts or activity associated with this place? I would be interested to hear any stories about it!

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