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Haunting at Shanklin

My family and I moved into our house at Shanklin a couple of years ago, during decorating our house my mum started to experience an odd sensation, as if some one was standing behind her when she was painting her bedroom. Although she didn't actually see anything, there was a strange smell of stale cigarettes and a lavender smelling perfume whenever the presence was around.

This smell continued to materalise every few days after the decorating was complete until this day. Also just under a year after we moved in, the morning after my 16th birthday my friend and I were sleeping in my bedroom when I felt some one leaning over me and breathing on me, I woke up to see a male figure leaning over me! There was in dents on my matress, shaped like hands, right were the figure was leaning. The figure was translucent and had rather a large torso and what looked like a bald head.

I screamed with shock, waking my friend as the figure disapeared. I haven't seen this figure since September 2008 but I have seen another figure on the stairs. This figure wears a green, army style uniform and has dark hair and tanned skin. It isn't sinister although he just stares into the front room from the stairs with an angry look on his face.

My friend and I find ourselves running up the stairs rather than walking, because there is an 'uneasy' feeling on the stairs. The whole family have watched the front door keys swinging in the lock and the door handle shaking and moving up and down, as if someone is trying to get in. There is no one is outside and no one has been near them and the wind isn't strong enough to cause the keys to swing. My dad has also felt a ghostly cat brushing against his legs when our cats are no where to be seen. We have also experienced  the odd sound of a cat scratching against the bedroom doors when the cats are already inside the room.

The figure was quite solid, but I couldn't see detailed features such as eyes etc although I couldn't see through it very well. The activity stopped for a couple of months but is now starting to pick up again, with the keys swinging and the smell of stale cigarettes and lavender perfume.

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