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Haunted flat at East Cowes?

It all began when my partner, our son and I, moved in to a flat in East Cowes. Everything was ok until my partner started to regularly go to see his mum on the mainland for about a week at a time, taking our son with him. One night I was getting ready for bed and I heard a noise coming from upstairs and slowly working its way down. I looked out of my bedroom door and saw nothing so I went to bed thinking nothing of it. The next day it happened again; things got moved and thrown down the stairs and I would always get a cold breeze across my face at night. Whenever my partner went away it was like there was always someone in the room with me. Nothing happened at all when he was there - only when he went away. Finally we moved out and stayed with my mum for a short time and things started to happen there too. The clock fell off the wall and landed in the middle of the kitchen and at night things fell of the shelf. She said that nothing like this has ever happened to her until I moved in. Also mum saw the front door open by itself, she saw the handle being pushed down and opened and no one was there. It was like this ghost is following me and I don't know what to do ...


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