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Ghostly goings on at East Dene

In 1978, I was working the summer season at East Dene Hotel in Bonchurch. It was a live-in job in those days, and before the season started properly, I had a room in the main house, prior to moving with the rest of the male staff to the turret house later. On more than one occasion I was awakened through the night, with terrible banging and crashing noises as though someone was throwing furniture about outside of my room.
The first time it happened I opened the door and looked out, the noises stopped immediately, and there was nobody there, and nothing had been moved. I awoke the next morning and wondered if I had been a dream, but it happened on several other occasions while I was there, so it wasn't a dream.I never dared look outside of my room again after that first time. I mentioned it to Mrs Titcombe, who was the manager at that time along with her husband, and she told me that she had often heard those same noises during the period when the Hotel was not open to the public in the winter months, and especially if she was there alone, when her husband was out. I worked in the Kitchen, and there was a little stable yard, and some old stables outside of the kitchen where we used to prepare the Veg and potatoes, as one of the stables had a sink in it.I was in there at about ten oclock one sunny summer's morning, preparing the veg, it was a very narrow space, especially with the sink and the electric potato peeler in there. I was leaning over the sink eyeing the potatoes, and singing away to myself, when I felt two hands on my shoulders and someone brush past behind me.
I thought it was another member of staff coming to give me a hand, I turned to see who it was, and there was nobody there. I felt a cold shiver run down my spine, and I shot out of there as fast as I could. I am now almost 59 years old, I am not given to flights of fancy, I have never in my life had any other experiences like the ones that I had at East Dene in the summer of 1978.

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