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Ghosts on Shanklin Beach?

Well it was a lovely August afternoon about 6 o'clock and I was walking to an area between Shanklin and Sandown. There were few people walking along the sea front. Trying to hire a surfboard and finding out the place was shut, I started to walk back to the Channel View Hotel in Shanklin.  I saw a woman walking her two beagles. I love dogs and they were cute so I watched and walked, and as I passed them they were on the beach where I was. One of them, a young girl, smiled at me. A minute or so passed and when I looked back they had vanished. So I went back and saw there was no sign that they were there. The boy and girl, mum and dogs were gone; no foot prints; and the sand castles that I had seen earlier which were destroyed were rebuilt! There was no one around except for me. So I thought logically and assumed  they must have gone up the cliff steps , but then I noticed there were no wet footprints where they had been in the wet sand - and I looked up the cliff face and no-one was there. This all happened just past the old ice cream shop on the way to Sandown from Shanklin by the ramp to the sea, and stairs to the top of the cliff. If anyone sees these ghosts the woman was wearing a blue shirt and jeans, holding something in the left hand. The girl was wearing pink, and the boy was wearing a striped shirt. The dogs were brown white and black

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