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Queen Victoria's ghost

I actually don't know how to start this story. Well, I suppose it all began at Osborne House really! Me and my friends were on a trip to that place. We were about 8 or 9 at the time. We were wandering around the gardens and thought that they were so amazing, we should circle them quite a few times. As we did so, the air suddenly went cold! It was meant to be a hot summer's day but it was so cold!! We thought we might as well join back up with the group but they weren't there. At this point we started to panic. Then all of a sudden my friend cried, "Look over there!! Look at her face!!" We all turned and we couldn't believe who we saw. Queen Victoria herself standing in the middle of the gardens just staring at us!! We all froze and thought, 'Should we try and communicate with her'. We all stood there for about a minute and all of a sudden she vanished into thin air! After that day, we never wanted to go on a trip to there again. If we did, we stayed with the group at all times."

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