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The ghost likes music

A  large Victorian house house in Ashknowle Lane, Whitwell, is haunted by the "Blue Lady" or as me and my cousin know it, the "maid." She is not evil, but she weeps when the house is empty. During the day, me and my cousin were alone in the house, and in my aunt's room coloring pictures of what we thought the maid looked like.

Suddenly a picture behind me crashed to the ground. We ran downstairs screaming, and ran all the way out to the field in our socks! I remember another time, while my cousin and I were walking past the house, and as I looked into the reflection of the window, an old lady's face appeared from the formation of the tree leaves. She looked both sad and angry. My cousin and I have experienced enough with the ghost to find out that she enjoys it when music is being played. Whenever we are alone in the house together, playing the piano, we can feel the "maid's" presence behind us, watching us play the music. One time, we played it just for her!

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