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Alverstone figure, was it a 'ghost' or 'alien'?

On the 26th January, 2008, between 8 and 9 pm, a friend and I were walking towards Sandown along the cycle path between Alverstone Road and Golf Links Road when we saw something strange.
The night was pitch black, so my friend was pointing a torch on the ground a few feet ahead of us - so as not to trip up. We were chatting away when suddenly, we both noticed about 20 feet ahead of us, something very dark in the path in front. As my friend raised the torch we caught sight of a figure. It was about six feet tall, very slim in build ... but with an oversized, bulbous head.
It was stood sideways on, looking towards the golf course. It seemed startled by the torch light, and it swung the top half of its body towards us before taking two steps towards the trees. Then it suddenly vanished. The torch light didn't show any features, it was just like a silhouette.
What puzzled my friend and me was the way it seem startled by us. It was the night before RAF Technician Frank Webb saw a UFO,  and I wonder, was our sighting a ghost or something else?

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